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2011 New Generation! University Students Graphic Art Fiesta

  • Guan Shanyue Art Museum 6026 Hongli Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen China (map)

Since 2000, traditional printmaking communities have been majorly affected by the massive use of computers and digital art. Seeking alternative ways to survive and remain relevant, printmakers, printmaking educators and institutions began to expand the meaning of “printmaking” by merging traditional and modern elements. As a result, printmaking now not only embraced 2D art, but also 3D works integrating lighting, shadow, sound, time and space, and even 4D art. The situation has also given rise to new types of executions like “Printstallations” and “Sequential Images”.

After years of exploration, contemporary graphic art is experiencing “The revival of printmaking“. The younger generation is becoming bolder in their creation of works, producing new forms of printmaking inspired by digital art, sculpture, painting, photography, performing arts, performance art, etc — elements that make printmaking a vibrant and exciting field.

“XinYiDai! An International University Students Exchange Exhibition” will showcase hybrids of traditional printmaking and digital technology. Virtual platforms will be set up to encourage sharing among young people around the world, and to enable overseas participants to view the works in an online exhibition and express their ideas in forum.

Later Event: November 4
Still Life